Mark Cuban Creates New Phone App
Texting is taking over today's world and can oftentimes create communication problems because context is not always considered. Fortunately, Mark Cuban is included in the group of people who want to fix that and he's got a new app out that is a real game-changer.
Texas Voters Get Help From New App
Maybe you've got a reminder for just about everything set on your phone. Now you can set a reminder to vote!
A new app is available for Texas voters that reminds you to vote, lets you check to make sure you're registered, and helps you check for polling locations in Smith County, or any neighboring …
Team Coco App Lets You Interact With ‘Conan’
Declaring that it will give your life “meaning” Conan O’Brien has introduced a Team Coco tablet app. Available for free download on systems that run Andriod and iOS (Apple), the app acts as an interactive companion to Conan&CloseCurlyQu…
Taggie Smartphone App Helps Kids Make Smart Food Choices [VIDEO]
If you’re someone who wants your kids to know more about food — something we should all know more about — you’ll probably find a new app in development pretty interesting.
Taggie, the brainchild of recent Dutch design school graduate Niels van Hoof, uses your smartphone camera to scan a barcode of fo…

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