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Name The Cubs At Caldwell Zoo
Caldwell Zoo's lion pride increased in size Jan. 22 after their African lion, Njeri, gave birth to five cubs at the zoo. Since then, zoo staff have been caring for the little ones and have been careful as not to disturb them and are letting mom take care of them.
Come On Spring
I am just about over winter! I'm done with the cold and the roller coaster temperatures, but mainly the cold is what I'm over and I'm looking forward to Spring so I can get out of the house with my family and do something fun with them. Here are five places I want to visit with them w…
'Enrichment Day'
Have you ever wanted to see your favorite zoo animals receive a little extra attention and learn how they are cared for? On July 6, you'll have the chance at Caldwell Zoo in Tyler.
Chico The Elephant Dies At Caldwell Zoo
Bummer!  Sad news today, Chico the elephant has died.  If you've ever been to the Caldwell Zoo, Chico was that massive African elephant that seemed to dominate the rest of the herd!  My son and I went to the zoo last Summer and found they had one of the paths closed off because he was near the fence…
Top Five Things To Do In Tyler & Longview This Memorial Day
With gas prices at an all time high, more folks are staying closer to home here in Tyler and Longview this Memorial Day weekend. With that in mind, I have put together a few stay-cation ideas for you. Whether you have some lofty ideas or just want to get down and dirty this Memorial Day weekend, her…