Adam Levine Makes Fun of ‘Catfish’ on ‘SNL’ [VIDEO]
'Catfish: The TV Show' on MTV has been in the news a lot lately. Not only because of its unique and honest story line, but because it's bringing a nasty side of online profiling to light. It has also been referenced and linked to Notre Dame football star Manti T'eo, who was in a relationship with a girl he met online, who died last fall. Come to find out she wasn't dead, in fact she wasn't even re
‘Catfish: The TV Show:’ A Look Into the (Fake) World of Online Dating
I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but when I get home at night my TV usually stays on MTV. 'Jersey Shore,' 'Teen Mom,' 'Buckwild,' and more are my guilty pleasure shows. But as I was watching one night, a new show came on called 'Catfish: The TV Show.' This show is a documentary focusing on the reality behind online dating. It isn't like the other MTV shows, this one shows real life people in