Walmart May Take Over Grocery Store Site
We may have another grocery shopping option soon in Tyler.
Right now the site of the old Albertsons store at Troup Highway and Loop 323 in East Tyler is still vacant.
But that may change soon. Who's moving in?
Underwear Buyers Help the Economy
Have you heard the crazy notion that men's underwear sales are an economic indicator?
When men's underwear sales are up, the economy is doing well. When people are not buying guys' tighty whities, the economy is in the tank.
Ladies, do you think it's true?
Valentine’s Day Spending On The Rise
Now that the Super Bowl is over, it's time to countdown to -- Valentine's Day.
Times are tough these days and Americans are trying hard to save as much as possible. However, Valentine's Day is fast approaching and despite a poor economy, experts are predicting a rise in Valentine'…
Protest Swells In Egypt
Many thousands of protestors took to the streets of Cairo on Friday to protest the long rule of President Hosni Mubarak, who they claim has undermined freedoms of Egyptian citizens while neglecting issues like the nation's suffering economy. The recent ousting of a similarly authoritarian Tunisian l…
Winning The Future 2011 State of the Union
President Obama's 2011 State of the Union (titled "Winning the Future") focused heavily on all political parties working together -- Republican and Democrat congress members even watched in a mixed seating arrangement, rather than occupying separate sections of the House. Obama also announ…