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These Stores Have the Cheapest Halloween Candy
Ten bucks on a few bags of Halloween candy? Scary. The next thing we know we've spent fifty bucks or more prepping for trick-or-treaters, and (let's be honest), because we want to hold back a stash for ourselves. It happens.
What is Lucky Larry's Most Favorite Halloween Candy?
Halloween is coming up Monday and I'll once again be going door to door in my neighborhood with my daughter to do the trick or treating thing, where, without a doubt she will receive quite a bit of candy, some of which she'll share with my wife and I! Thankfully she and I have somewhat dif…
America's favorite Halloween candy
The results are from the Influenster poll asking American's what their favorite Halloween candy is and Texas has a lot in common with Oregon, Wyoming, Tennessee and South Carolina!
Favorite Halloween Candy
Pretty soon the ghosts, goblins, super heroes and the like will be ringing your doorbell and saying "trick or treat" for their Halloween candy!
Top 5 All Time Halloween Candy!
Ok...door knocking time is almost upon us and if you're anything like me you want to get, and give, the good stuff!  So if you just can't decide on what candy you should hand out, here's my Top 5 Halloween Candy list that is sure to please!
5.  Smarties - A little sour, a lit…
The Evil Halloween Candy
Dang Diggity Doggonit!
I got into the Halloween candy this weekend.  I was doing SO good until a dear friend (okay, an evil one) bought me a "Fun Sized" bag of Butterfingers.  I swear I had 5 yesterday, but then again, who's counting...