On a shopping trip this weekend I saw what may be the first one of the year. A Christmas tree! On September 15th.

At this particular store, the Christmas tree was fully decorated, and the snow globes, stockings, and Christmas cards were already for sale. Right there next to the Halloween decorations.

Kidd Kraddick has asked the question before, and I'll ask it again. How early is too early?

I've got a neighbor down the street that already has cob webs in his tree and orange and black lights on his lawn. I had to do a double-take the first time I saw that, and I questioned whether we were really that close to Halloween. I mean, school just started, and it's hard to be in mid-fall mode already. But decorations about six weeks ahead of Halloween is a little easier to wrap one's brain around than the fake Christmas snow at this point. If we're going to see Santa, the weather should at least be cool enough for jeans instead of shorts, right?

Once we get over the earliness of it all, we realize the over-achievers who start Christmas shopping at this point on the calendar might be onto something. They're spreading out the Christmas bills so they're not hit with all of them in November and December. Picking up little gifts here and there can ease the holiday stress, as long as you have a big closet to stack them up them in.

So....we'll see you at the South Broadway corridor stores, and at Broadway Square Mall.

The shopping part is fun. It may just be a smidge early to start rockin' around the Christmas tree.

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