Best Pregnancy Announcement
When it comes to making the big announcement that you're expecting a baby soon, couples often go to extremes to make the announcement very memorable. The couple, only known as the McGillicuddy's used the new Coke/Diet Coke #ShareACoke campaign to make their announcement in a very clever an…
The Real Facts About Smoking While Pregnant
We all know that smoking cigarettes is horrible for our health. We also know that it can affect those around us, especially the little ones growing in your belly. But, some people do not understand how important this is. Here are some real facts about why should should never smoke while pregnant.
Is Adele Already Seven Months Pregnant?
It’s not unusual for expectant mothers to wait until after the first trimester to publicly announce their impending bundles of joy. Biology being what it is, it’s tough to wait much longer than that without people noticing an inexplicably expanding waistline.
But according to a new story, Adele — who…

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