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Last summer Six Flags Over Texas celebrated its 60th anniversary and if you've been to the park within the last year you probably noticed that it's showing its age in some places and in some ways that weren't good. Well, things are now changing at the 'Entertainment Capital of Texas' as the park begins a multi-year transformation.

Changes at Six Flags Over Texas are being spearheaded by the park's new General Manager, Sharon Parker, the first Black woman to hold such a position within the Six Flags company. The park has also hired a new food and beverage manager who expects to bring new and exciting offerings to park guests.

You'll notice immediate changes at the park beginning with the entry plaza.

Our entire front entrance to the park has taken a transformation. It’s brighter, more colorful.

The entry plaza that you went through to get into the park last time you were there is basically gone. Parker says, "Our entire front entrance to the park has taken a transformation. It’s brighter, more colorful. We’ve added new paint. We’ve also expanded just the entryways so that it is a lot easier for families to be able to come through and immediately enjoy themselves. We’re looking at it from that guest's perspective. We’re looking at it from that mom's perspective. What is it that is going to make their visit to the park more enjoyable?"

Six Flags Over Texas has new attractions planned for 2022.

One of the new attractions is already taking guests on to new heights in a new way on the 'Texas Skyscreamer'. Instead of being in a sitting position in a chair flying around at 40 miles per hour 400 feet in the air, you can do it laying down on your stomach! Think of yourself as being Superman!

Six Flags has re-imagined the original 'The Cave' ride as 'Pirates of Speelunker Cave'. This indoor family-friendly boat ride will put guests right in the middle of a pirate treasure hunt thwarted by resident Speelunkers.

The other new attraction will be 'Aquaman: Power Wave'. This will be a first-of-its-kind water coaster in North America. This ride will send guests high up a tower and back into another at more than 60 miles per hour before splashing down and soaking everyone and everything around.

Six Flags Over Texas is cashless.

Leave the cash behind and make sure that your credit or debit card is handy or you have the Six Flags app on your phone. The park was moving into a cashless facility, but thanks to the pandemic accelerated the timetable, and this year the park is now cashless. If you arrive with cash but don't have a card, the park can convert your cash to a card that you can use within the park.

With the announcement of this being a multi-year transformation, I for one, hope to see a couple of new thrilling roller coasters being added to the park along with the return of live music at 'The Music Mill Amphitheater"! With all the excitement and changes that are to come, it looks like Six Flags Over Texas is going to be the place to be not only this summer but for years to come too.

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