A good teacher not only educates their young ones, they also inspire them. And that's what this teacher from Blackwell, Oklahoma does on a regular basis - so much so that her methods have gone viral on social media a few times.

25-year-old teacher Ms. Curfman shared a photo of her dress on February 11, 2018 and it's been shared over 232,000 times on Facebook. No, it's not that dumb 'is it blue or is it gold' kind of dress. It's a plain white dress - well it started as a white dress until all of her students drew something that 'made them happy' on it.

It's a very artistic way to encourage kids to not only be creative, but also positive. Curfman works at a school that does not offer art programs, according to WGAD News, but that's what makes this gesture all the more special. She told WGAD that her favorite designs included a marshmallow man, hearts and rainbows. As you can see, there were also a lot of heartfelt notes written on the dress as well.

Ms. Curfman is no stranger to these artistic projects. Her Facebook page has all kinds of inspiring ways to teach kids. For instance in January, her 2nd grade students created 300 feathers with kind words and she turned it into a mural called 'soar with kindness'.

You can train someone how to be a teacher until they're blue in the face, but you can't teach compassion and creativity like this.

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