East Texas is full of some very special people. Some dedicated people. People who care about the success of others. I'm referring to the underappreciated profession of being a teacher.

Teachers deserve a lot more respect than they're given. These individuals go out of their way to help us become more knowledgeable, more informed, and much smarter. If it weren't for teachers a lot of us would not be where we are today.

Students - take time after reading this to thank a teacher

It's not only students who should be thanking teachers but parents as well. Oftentimes teachers spend more time with their students than parents do.

Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD would like to recognize an outstanding teacher who was nominated from school districts and universities from around East Texas. With so many nominated teachers who are extremely talented, wonderful, and outstanding, it was hard to pick one, but we did it!

Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD would like to recognize this week's Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week

Mrs. Timmons Of Northside Primary In Palestine

Mrs. Timmons teaches 1st grade at Northside Primary in Palestine. She was nominated by the parent of one of her students who had this to say about her:

My son has some extra needs in the classroom. This teacher does not shame him nor make him feel bad. She goes out of her way to make sure he is comfortable and included. He is learning in ways I never thought possible. Thank you Mrs. Timmons!

Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD congratulate Mrs. Timmons on being named the Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week and we thank her for her hard work and dedication to her first-grade students.

White Oak ISD
White Oak ISD

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