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A couple of hours before the kickoff of Super Bowl LIV, forty-two of the cutest puppies will be competing in this years' Puppy Bowl XVI on Animal Planet. Kick off will be at 2 p.m. central with the pups romping around, chasing, playing tug and lying around the field in Puppy Bowl Stadium. When these little guys get tired there's a complete second string of fifty-four pups that could be called up at any point.

Just like the big game, there are two teams - Team Fluff and Team Ruff - who are trying to score points for their team. They can score points by dragging another team across a finish line while playing tug-o-war or by taking a chew toy across the goal line, and of course they can be called out for penalties too. Penalties could include 'pass inter-fur-ence', 'unnecessary ruffness' and 'premature watering of the field'!

Just as there's a halftime show at the Super Bowl, Puppy Bowl XVI will feature a kitty halftime show with special performances featuring Jenni-PURR Lopez and CAT-ira.

Puppy Bowl XVI not only features puppies in the stadium, and kittens for a halftime show, but it also features extremely cute goat cheerleaders!

One cute pup will be voted the MVP of the game. There's also a pre-game show you can stream right now. Don't miss out on the cute action on Animal Planet beginning Sunday at 2 p.m. central.

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