Sometimes it is hard to see the silver lining in life. We hear nothing but facts about the bad in the world. All of the things that scare us, anger us, or just down right depress us can weigh us down. Well, these great little facts will lift some of that stress off your shoulders. 

Don't let reality get you down, not all things in the world are rigid and harsh. There are still some facts that will make you feel optimism and joy again. Here are ten of those happy facts.

1. Some where in the world, a baby is experiencing bubbles for the first time.

2. Worms communicate by snuggling.
If that isn't one of the most adorable things you have ever heard, I don't even know how to respond.

3. Thousands of trees grow from the acorns that squirrels lost and forgot.

4. The voice actors of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are married in real life.
Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor met of the mouse set in 1986 and were married in 1991.

5. Norway once knighted a penguin.

6. Otters hold hands while they sleep.
They do this so they won't float away from each other while they are catching their z's. So cute!

7. Even though you only had a 1 in a 40 million chance of being born, your ancestors had children all the way up to you being born.

8. If you fake laugh long enough, you will begin to actually laugh.

9. Puffins mate for life.
They even build cliff side homes with a separate room for a bathroom.

10. Cows have best friends.
Scientists at Northhampton University found that cows have best friends and are actually stressed out when they are not near them.

Now you can see that the world isn't all bad.

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