It's 'Black Friday' and folks are out in droves looking for that great deal! Beware shoppers, in the all the excitement and Choas of 'Black Friday" you could make some poor choices. Here's a list of some of the "not so good" finds, according to

1. Doorbusters that really aren't "all that."

Just because it’s cheap and labeled a “doorbuster” doesn’t mean you or anyone else wants it. A coffeemaker for $7.99? A sandwich grill for $5.99? You camped out and almost got killed for this?

2. Electric drill

Just because you got it cheap doesn’t mean your husband is going to ever fix anything ever. I know this one by experience.


These days it's all about online movie and TV stores like iTunes and Netflix, DVD’s are basically in the same boat as VHS was in the ’90s.

4. Treadmill

This seems like a great idea after you’ve eaten yourself into oblivion, but trust me, after a week, you'll use that thing to hold your clothes. This I know guys.

 5. Gaming consoles and video games

Personally, I did not play video games, and really don't want too, but the folks in the "know" say if you wait a month or so, you will easily be able to buy a used unit for half price. Trust us on this one guys.

 6. Watch

Okay, it's kinda cool if the watch is water resistant, but with that cool feature, we can all check the time on our phones now. In fact, we can check email, tell time, call someone, play games, surf on the web, text etc. ... Get the picture?

7. iPad mini

It’s just like the iPad 2, but smaller and cheaper, thus no one will be impressed. And isn’t impressing people the point of owning Apple products?

8. Self-cleaning litter box

So you’re about to pay almost $200 for something your cat is too terrified to use? This could make your cat use your bed for their potty. Think about it. I have three cats and there is no way my cats would "do their duty" in a self-cleaning litter box. I’m sure kitty will thank you by using your bed as a litter box. Plus, who wants to get a litter box as a gift?

9. Anything that’s alive

Thinking about taking advantage of those Black Friday deals to get your significant other a pet? If you haven't thought this out - take your time! There are so many animals in shelters because people thought they wanted one, then after the holidays, they take them back. Very sad! But after you have given it thought - great! Head out to your local shelter and adopt a sweet friend.

10. The "Good Intentions" Gifts

What you think might be filled with good intentions could bite ya on the butt! Gifts that might bring out a persons "short-comings" could just bring on resentment. Listen up guys!.

A gift certificate to the newest diet craze, Coaching tapes on how to be successful to someone who is unemployed or in a dead-end job, a month's supply of Nicorette to a chain smoker, Hypnosis tapes for overeaters, smokers, aggressive Type A personalities.

Just keep in mind -- never buy stuff, just to buy stuff!