21Living in the great state of Texas is something that all Texans should be proud of, we live in a beautiful state that has a lot of things going on that should make us proud. While Texas might not be perfect, we are in much better shape than a lot of states in our country. So, I wanted to put together a list of 15 things that make Texans proud to be from Texas. 

Over the past decade we have seen the population increase by approximately 5 million people in the state of Texas, in 2013 it was 26.4 million, currently we are over 31.4 million people. There is obviously a reason that more people continue to move to Texas and some of the things that made our list are the very same reasons that more people are moving to the lone star state.  

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You Don’t Get This Level of Pride Everywhere 

Having lived in other places there is a level of pride among Texans that is admirable, there are other states that have very little state pride. It’s truly amazing to see so many Texas flags flying high as you drive around towns and cities across our home state. 

Take Pride in the Fact That You Live in Texas 

We have more and more people everyday planning on moving to Texas whether it’s for a job or just want a better place to raise a family, living in Texas is something special. Not just for these reasons, but here are 15 reasons that make Texans proud to be from Texas.  

15 Things that Make Texans Proud to Be from Texas

There are many reasons to love the state of Texas, here are 15 reasons we are proud to call Texas home.


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