Texans have a pride for anything that is made in the Lone Star State -- For instance, Whataburger, Buc-ee's, Dr. Pepper, and of course Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Each of these well-known Texas products has expanded throughout America. With the growth of each of these brands, it is at times hard to grasp that not all of them are as loved by other Americans as they are by Texas.

For instance, I was curious about what ice cream brand is the most popular in the U.S., and I was surprised to see Blue Bell was further down the list than I expected.

Where does Blue Bell rank?

Considering Blue Bell can only be physically bought in 23 states, it was still ranked fairly high on the list. But still, as a Texan who loves the ice cream brand, I would have liked to see it placed higher.

In overall brand popularity, Blue Bell comes in at #6 out of 20, according to Statista. And maybe one day, it will take that #1 spot.

Regardless of its ranking, I'm going to say it wasn't #1 simply because not everyone has had the opportunity to try its goodness. If the ice cream was sold nationwide, I think it would have dominated. And for those of you who want to try it, Blue Bell does ship all over the U.S.

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So what Ice Cream brand is #1

In the top place is Ben & Jerry's. As much as I love Blue Bell, if any other brand had to be ranked #1 I'm glad it was Ben & Jerry's. Not everyone may like this ice cream, but it's one of the ones I'll go for first -- especially their cheesecake flavors.

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