Game like you've never before at this immersive active gaming facility in Texas!

I know, the words "active gaming facility" may sound weird- but I think once you get a look at how things run, you'll want to add this place to your "must-do" list when traveling through the lone star state.

What is Activate Gaming Facility?

Activate Gaming Facility is a state-of-the-art interactive gaming experience where players become active participants in various challenges and games. I know that the word "gaming" makes it sound like you're sitting and in front of a screen, but unlike traditional video games that use controllers or VR headsets, Activate features physical and mental games in multiple rooms that require players to jump, climb, dodge lasers, solve puzzles, and more.

It kind of seems like games you would play in Squid Game, minus you know, the whole death thing.

Each Activate location includes a variety of game rooms designed to test agility, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. Popular games include dodging lasers, navigating grids of pressure-sensitive tiles, hitting glowing targets, and many others that involve physical activity and quick thinking​.

Players usually form groups of 2-5, though larger groups can split into smaller teams. The facility uses interactive technology that responds in real time to players' actions, making each game dynamic and engaging. Participants use electronic wristbands to track their scores and progress through different levels and challenges​.

One of the great things about this facility? While it's very popular among adults, it's also family friendly! You can get the whole family involved and get up and moving.

Activate has several locations through Texas- find one close to you and test your skills!

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