There are several things that go into quality of life, and for each individual, the list can fluctuate quite a lot. You bring in career aspirations, family comfort, access to luxuries and amenities, and geographical must haves, the decision gets tougher and tougher. After doing as much research as possible, discovered this is the Best community in Texas.

What do young adults want in their community?

According to this article with USA Family Moving, Millennials really want 3 major features in their communities.

  1. Homes, especially homes that are available for renting.
  2. Public Transportation is also important.
  3. Jobs.

Young people are really seeking inner city places to settle down because they enjoy renting, want to be close to lots of dining options, and they want to be able to ride public transit to their work place.

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What are families desiring in their community options?

  1. Schools. Almost every person with school aged children will say the biggest want for their home location is being able to send their kids to quality schools. If money is no object for home price, then schools become less of an issue because you can always afford private options.
  2. Space, not just square footage in the home, but 2020 reminded us how important outdoor living space is.
  3. Jobs, even with many heading to more rural areas because of the flexibility of remote work, many still want to live at least reasonably close to their work.

So, what is the Best community in Texas? Well, it's obviously this one, and there is no debate who the Best resident is.

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