They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Me personally I would have yelled out more than a thousand words, a few explicit words, and maybe a high pitched scream by looking at the size of this giant rattlesnake.

Laguna Vista Police warned residents that snakes are coming out of hibernation so to be on the look out.
Source Laguna Vista Police Department 2

Local residents in South Texas called the Laguna Vista Police Department after spotting this rattler by a walking trail.  The Laguna Vista Police Department came to the rescue and handled this massive rattlesnake, but warned residents that snakes are coming out of hibernation so to be on the look out. This is where we have a problem East Texas… I DON’T DO SNAKES!  Now, I’ve held a python before and to top it off I've even held a alligator.  Nevertheless, I am from the Midwest and the only time I’ve come up close and personal with a snake is through some thick glass at the local zoo.

Source Laguna Vista Police Department

Take a look at this photo will you.  Apparently this cat looks unbothered by this giant snake and is just minding his own business as the snake looks as if it is ready to strike. Or, this cat is squaring up! I guess the cat had a full stock of 9 lives or enough to endure a possible attack, but that cat has more courage than me!  Cat 1, Me 0

Shawn Knight

Now look at this photo (yeah, this gets better)! I was in the breakroom a few weeks ago minding my own business when I looked out the corner of my eye and saw this object on the floor.  Now, I was looking confused because it didn’t dawn on me what I was actually looking at.  So from the back of the carpet because this was on the front I tugged the carpet and it moved so I went to get my buiddy Jason and when he looked at my face he knew something was up.  So we both go and look at this snake and inform the building trying to wonder what to do to get rid of it.

Shawn Knight

Introducing Susan “The Snake Whisperer” she politely walked into the break room and says “Oh, that’s a baby snake”.  She grabs a styrofoam cup and covers the snake then Jason gives her a piece of cardboard, scoops the snake under the cup and proceeds to walk outside and release the snake into the field.  I just looked at Susan and with a straight face said “respect”! Susan 1, Me 0

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