You may recall the story of disgraced San Antonio, TX police officer, Matthew Luckhurst. He was fired from the San Antonio Police Department in 2020 after a two disgusting displays of behavior, all centered around poop.

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According to VICE, Luckhurst considered his actions pranks and those actions included:  "he gave a homeless man a sandwich filled with dog feces, and later defecated in the toilet in the women's bathroom at the department’s Bike Patrol Office and smeared a brown, tapioca-like substance on the seat and wall."

It was reported at the time this clueless human being didn't deny either accusations, but maintains he gave the sandwich to the homeless man to be thrown away.

As it turns out less than five months after losing his job in San Antonio, Luckhurst was hired as a Floresville Police Department reserve officer, a position he'd hold for nearly two years until last week, "when Floresville Mayor Cissy Gonzalez-Dippel said her office received a flood of calls, messages, and emails from local residents demanding he be fired."

Maybe a cop who hands out sh*t sandwiches shouldn't be able to apply for another police job ever again. Perhaps that's an even bigger problem, police officers who aren't fit for the job aren't being kept from it.

This is addressed by the the Tyler Paper, "While teachers, doctors and others licensed by the state can be barred for unprofessional conduct, police officers generally cannot. And a records system that is supposed to denote when an officer's work is "dishonorable" has several major issues, said several people who work with it regularly."

And it would appear that police unions would be on board with finding a way to remedy this problem. John Moritz, spokesman for Texas' largest police union, the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, told the newspaper the group would support a better process of keeping problem officers off duty.

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