Most of us have asked ourselves, should we somehow end up in a "last meal" situation, what would we choose? It is, after all, the last thing we will taste on this earth, shouldn't we make it count?

The first thing that comes to my mind is a Diet Dr. Pepper, and as a Texan I am not alone in my love for the soda brand, as we will see from more than one Texas inmate's last meal request.


I should warn you that if you ever are on Texas Death Row, you won't get your final meal request, thanks to Lawrence Russel Brewer, who ruined it for all condemned by ordering a massive and expensive meal— and then refused to eat any of it.

Here's a look at Brewer's meal and other notable last-meal requests from Texas Death Row inmates. We'll also take a look at the crimes that landed them the "opportunity" to choose one.

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