You know what they say... once something gets a taste for human flesh, that's all they'll ever want. Actually, I don't really know but get a load of this.

National Geographic published a photo on Sunday of a deer eating human remains - the first evidence of this behavior EVER. And it happened in Texas.

According to National Geographic, researchers found a deer chewing on a human rib in San Marcos at the Forensic Anthropology Research Facility - Texas State University. Scientists were studying how human remains decompose in the wild and set up a camera to see what scavengers would seize the opportunity of the carcasses. This plot of land is known as a 'body farm'.

Now, that seems pretty crazy so let's clear that up a little with what Daily Mail wrote:

Because scientists have to determine age of human remains in various states of decay, new study may be useful to those conducting murder investigations.

There have been a lot of jokes online, saying 'the end is nigh' and that it's deer that will put human beings out of existence, but really, deer are herbivores by nature. But I will say Twitter is riddled with puns galore! They're almost... endearing. From 'PR disaster for Bambi' to 'The Walking Deer' to 'deerclaration of war'... it's all good.

White-tailed deer are considered herbivores but they have been known to chew on bone - not human though. The bone provides phosphorous, calcium, sodium and other minerals that hard to to obtain in winter, as told by

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