If you, or someone you know drives a 2013 to 2018 Ford Fusion in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area, it is very possible they will need to make an appointment with their local dealership to remedy the potential issue of leaky brake hoses. Just because parts are being recalled, doesn't mean your car is in immediate danger of failing, however it is better safe than sorry, and the replacements are available for free.

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The braking hose issues are being recalled for Lincoln MKX models 2013 through 2018 in addition to the Ford Fusions of the same model years. This recall reportedly affects 1.3 million cars, and another 200,000 Ford vehicles are being recalled due to a potential failure of the windshield wiper arms.

What happens if my brake hose is defective?

My brake hose was severed once, and the leak was gushing brake fluid. The more you apply the brake, the faster you lose brake fluid. When your brakes fail due to lack of brake fluid, it takes an incredibly long time to stop, and depending on your speed, you might not be able to stop at all if all the fluid has escaped the system.

How will I know if my car is included in the recall?

According to this article with Fox 7 in Austin, letters will begin being sent out on April 17, 2023 from Ford. Robo dials are also common if they have your number on file. I sold my wife's Mitsubishi years ago, and still receive product recall notifications because my number was on file with their system. Generally, once your car has been returned to the dealership, you will no longer be contacted.

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