There are some places you don't dare to look. One of those might be your Amazon purchase history.

Taking a deep dive and considering all of your questionable purchases and where they are in your home now, is sometimes a good reminder that you don't need some of the things you buy there. There might also be items that you use daily that could be subject to a recall.

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You can click here and see all of the Amazon products that have current recalls. There is also a block before the recalls that will automatically find any of those items in your past purchases that might have been recalled.


The service was started for customers in 2023. Items on Amazon that are recalled vary from defective items to safety reasons.

Before this time last year when it was launched, Texans had to rely on the sellers to issue the recalls and notify us personally. Now Amazon has a much more hands-on approach.

You Could Get A Complete Refund If You Purchased These Items

If you purchased an item with a recall, Amazon may provide you with a refund. If you are a seller on the platform, and one of the items you sell becomes a part of a recall, Amazon may seek reimbursement from you.

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A recent recall of Good Earth rechargeable integrated lights was made because the light's battery can overheat and ignite the plastic section. See if anything you purchased made the list.

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