Friends and family in Lufkin, Texas are mourning the loss of Wilmer "Wil" May and the huge life that he lived. He was a huge part of the community for over 50 years.

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Wil owned and operated the McDonald's on Timberland Drive. According to his obituary in the Lufkin Daily News, it was opened in December 1975.

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I have always heard that it was one of the best-performing restaurants in the franchise. Growing up in Lufkin, I know my family were weekly customers.

We would buy bags of regular hamburgers when they were on sale for 25 cents in the 80's.

Wil May Knew How To Keep Things Cool

Wil was famous around Lufkin for many reasons, his love of fast cars and philanthropy come to mind. In the mid 80's something huge happened and we had to share Wil with the world.

The McDLT, now a McDonald's nostalgia piece, was his brainchild. Wil challenged the status quo and came up with a completely new burger container to keep the hot side of your burger hot, and the cool side cool.

YouTube/Beta MAX/McDonald's Corp
YouTube/Beta MAX/McDonald's Corp

The DIY McDonald's hamburger phenomenon caught on and he was recognized in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and was even invited to go on Good Morning America.

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Wil was truly one of a kind.

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Jason Alexander Stars In Commerical For McDLT

Before Jason Alexander became a huge star on Seinfeld, he was dancing and singing while sporting a toupee, explaining how the McDLT containers worked on televisions across America. I can only imagine what it would be like to put a product into production, and then see this commercial.


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