Texas is vast state, and it is not uncommon to encounter significant issues related to illegal drugs.  A recent study revealed some shocking results when it comes to the Lone Star State and drug usage.

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When it comes to drugs, one would expect Texas to be at the top of the drug usage list.   This is due to its large size and its proximity to Mexico. It is commonly assumed that Texas would be among the top in the country in regards to illegal drug use.

If someone were to make an assumption based on that, they would be incorrect.  According to experts in addiction treatment with Curednation.com, who analyzed data from the latest Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration drug use survey, found that Texas isn't at the top of the drug usage list, but at the bottom.

Texas has the lowest percentage of adults who have used illegal drugs within the past month.

Texas. Had. The. Lowest.

Those numbers are quite shocking.  The survey focused on a month, and it is possible that those numbers could change over some time.  However, according to another study done by WalletHub found that Texas had the lowest percentage of drug users among teens and adults.

The state that has the most drug usage is Vermont.

It seems that Texas is doing something right when it comes to illegal drugs.  However, these numbers seem shocking.  It's hard to believe since every time you turn around there's another drug bust, overdose, or death due to drugs in this state.

This is a study and a win that Texas can certainly be proud of.

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