Street races and takeovers are becoming more and more common here in North Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’ve seen a ton of videos of instances of street racing and intersection takeovers from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex over the course of the last several months. A lot of the clips I've seen have involved someone being hit by a vehicle, like this one uploaded to the DallasTexasTV Twitter account back on August 15:

Man, that guy was lucky to walk away from that one. I can say with certainty that that would’ve been my last time to attend a takeover.

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With the rise in popularity of illegal street racing and takeovers, it was only a matter of time before drastic measures would be taken to try and discourage people from participating.

Lawmakers here in Texas are hoping to put a stop to street racing through House Bill 2315, also known as the Street Racing Bill. Starting September 1, police in Texas will be able to seize street racers’ vehicles.

A racer could potentially forfeit their vehicle if they’re a repeat offender, driving under the influence, in possession of an open container or if the incident leads to injury or death.

Of course, no amount of legislation will completely put an end to street racing (or anything illegal for that matter). But, hopefully, the new law will be just enough to keep it in check.

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