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The 4th largest jackpot in Powerball history is once again up for grabs with this Saturday's drawing and if it is won it'll be the 9th largest in U.S. lottery history, to date. When the jackpots get this high more East Texans take interest in playing with the hopes the odds are in their favor!

Everyone has the same odds when it comes to playing Powerball and matching all five white balls with the lone red ball your odds are 1 in 292,201,338.00. Good luck Saturday on winning the $960 million!

Now you don't have to necessarily play Powerball or MegaMillions to become a millionaire in Texas, you can play a whole host of other games from the Texas Lottery and win some life-changing money.

Since 1992, KXAN reports that the Texas Lottery has handed out nearly $12.6 billion in prizes to Texans. With all that cash going out the Texas Lottery has created almost 2000 millionaires with a little over 200 more Texans winning $10 million or more.

It's not just Powerball and MegaMillions paying out the cash, Lotto Texas and Texas Two Step are making millionaires along with several other games and scratch-off tickets.

We all have the dream of hitting it big with the lottery and some Texans have found that luck. It's even struck some more than once, but it hasn't happened for me yet and most likely for you too.

As they say, 'You can't win if you don't play', but you have to play responsibly though. Know your budget and your limits and maybe you could become the latest millionaire in Texas.

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