Now, I like the occasional video game as much as the next guy, but having $2 million worth of video games? Not really for me.

The opposite can be said of 45-year-old Antonio Monteiro from Richmond, TX who owns a massive collection of about 25,000 video games worth over $2.1 million dollars!

How to stay organized

How, you may ask, does one person keep track of such a bounty? It turns out that Antonio actually uses a variety of organizational tools.

He uses an app that helps catalogue each game in his collection. He also has a custom database that helps identify the games he currently owns versus the games he has yet to purchase.

Some of the items in his collection are a little dated and require a bit more TLC than others. For these instances, Antonio has a specific air conditioning unit for the collection room that keeps the climate at a comfortable rate in order to avoid degradation.

The internet has also aided Antonio quite a bit when attempting to locate those elusive video games that are missing from his collection.

But wait, there's more!

In addition to the most video games owned, Antonio holds four other Guinness world records as well: largest collection of Xbox games, largest collection of Sega games, largest collection of Nintendo items and largest collection of PlayStation items.

If anyone asks how many games he currently owns, Antonio can simply say... "yes".

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