Everyday somewhere in Texas, somebody who feels wronged will file a lawsuit in an attempt to make things right.

Some folks are looking for a big pay day while others just want justice to be served and to hold the parties accountable for their actions.

Well, we got wind of one such case involving a man from nearby Waskom, TX who is suing Walmart for a ton of money but he's willing to accept a rather strange (or smart depending on your point of view) settlement to make things right.

Complaints were sent to the United States District Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Arkansas in Fayetteville.


According to a report from KETK, Roderick Jackson, of Waskom, Texas, filed two handwritten complaints saying he was suing Walmart for an incident that took place at a store in Omaha, Nebraska, in March 2021.

We don't know exactly what happened but one complaint was over a “false pretense of shoplifting” and the other claims he “suffered civil rights violations based on race/color.”

Jackson is seeking $100 million in damages....or something else.

Google Maps/Getty Images
Google Maps/Getty Images

In addition to money, Jackson is asking for Walmart to pay all court fees associated with the lawsuit. But the kicker is what Jackson is asking for as a "settlement" in case Walmart doesn't want to pay the money: free unlimited shopping at any of its stores for life.

That's a pretty big ask but for what its worth, court records show that Walmart has not yet been served with the lawsuit but the company says its "aware" of it.

“We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We are aware of Mr. Jackson’s complaint and intend to defend the company against the allegations once we have been served.”


What would you do? Stick to asking for the money or take the free shopping for life if offered?

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