Eclipses are pretty common but, since they can't all be seen from every part of the earth, they are actually kind of uncommon. This Texas man has seen the most.

There are several, total eclipses every year but, depending on where you are, you can't see all of them. The path of totality could be on the other side of the planet or it may occur over uninhabited areas.

Eclipse chasers enjoy traveling around the country, and the world, to try and see them all. The world's oldest eclipse chaser though has got EVERYBODY beat.

Laverne Biser from Fort Worth, Texas has seen more total eclipses than anyone else on Earth. At 105 years of age, he's about to see his 13th. Laverne's spent his life chasing eclipses around the world and has seen them in 1963, 1963, 1972, 1979, 1984, 1988, 1991, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2012, 2017 and 2023 with 2024 coming up fast.

"You see one, you want to see them all and will do everything you can to see them," Biser said. "They're so beautiful."

Yet not as exquisite as the wonderful times he spent with his wife for nearly 80 years as umbraphiles, both willing to go to great lengths and distances to witness totality. -

El Paso won't get a full on blackout but we will still get a pretty good display. If you want to see something really cool, wear red or green. Trust me, it will make a difference. You should definitely make the most of this eclipse as there won't be another, visible from the USA, until 2044.

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