A man in Texas has been sentenced to a long term in following his actions regarding the theft of diesel fuel in the state. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

Duniesky Gonzalez Crimes In Texas

Per KETK, Gonzalez was taken into custody with two others, Camila Cruz Concepcion and Ramon Perez-Torres. The three stood accused of interfering with gas pumps in Texas. How they affected the pumps was by messing with the pulser.

After meddling with the pulser, they paid for 1/20th the price for diesel fuel, instead of the normal full price. Using this, the three stole an estimated 9,312 gallons in the year of 2022. They also would use credit and debit cards that were not theirs to pay for the fuel taken.

Senior Investigator at Texas Financial Crimes Intelligence Center, Jeff Roberts, said of the thefts:

“As a good citizen if you’re pumping gas and you realize you filled up your tank for five dollars please report that to the gas station.”

In 2023, the three were taken into custody. Now Gonzalez has recently been sentenced for his crimes.

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Gonzales' Sentence For His Actions

KETK reports that Gonzalez was placed in Texas jail for 50 years. According to the District Attorney, the charges were related to "stealing diesel from gas stations across nine different counties in Texas by using fraudulent credit card information."

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation also posted to social media, sending their thanks to multiple organizations for their hard work on the case:

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when and if it becomes available.

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