It's not surprising that there were two men who were known as "Wild Bill".

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Public Domain/Wikipedia

Wild Bill Longley

Bill Longley was another gunfighter with a short fuse and a very quick trigger finger. Longley seems to have started his killing spree with three former slaves. Longley and friends were attempting to either rob or harasses the men when one panicked. Longley killed Green Evans as he attempted to get away. Longley later claimed that he wasn't the only one doing the shooting.

He Had A Pattern

Longley soon adopted a life of crime robbing settlers throughout Texas. Along the way he killed another freed slave, possibly for his horses, and was accused of killing another (a woman this time). At this time Longley was wanted and decided to head north and try his luck gold mining, but was caught by the U.S. Cavalry. Rather than being taken to justice, he signed up for five years with the unit but deserted two weeks later. This led to him being caught and strapped to a ball and chain for two years as part of his court-martial.

He Had A Temper

Once free of his ankle-jewelry, Longley headed back to Texas where he killed another freedman. He was captured again, but was let go when the reward wasn't paid for his return. Not long after, he killed his childhood friend with a shotgun. More murder and mayhem followed before he was finally apprehended. Longley claimed his body count was 32 persons.

His Final End

There's a very interesting footnote about Longley, part of his myth was he was the outlaw that they hung three times. Supposedly he was hung by a lynching party but when they left firing their pistols in celebration, one nicked or cut the rope and he fell and survived. The second time he was hung was at his execution. The rope was too long and he just fell on his feet. He was then drug up by the rope and this third attempt to kill him worked.

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