Get ready, y'all.

The Texas Department of Transportation announced a "five-year plan to create a network of chargers throughout the state, starting along main corridors and interstate highways before building stations in rural areas," reports KHOU11.

So according to a drafted proposal, the goal is to place an electric vehicle charging station every 50 miles--at least on MOST non-business interstates in Texas. TxDot would need to submit its final proposal by August 1 in order to receive the funding needed to bring the plan to fruition. The funding would come from the Investment and Jobs Act which passed in 2021.

Obviously, one of the most prohibitive issues to consider for some of us is how convenient (or not) it would be to make sure I could easily travel longer distances without fretting about where I would be able to easily stop to charge when needed. I actually like the look of some of the newer EV models that are being introduced--more and more every day, it feels like.

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More people have told me they'd consider getting an electric vehicle since gas prices have skyrocketed the way they have recently--IF there were more charging stations.

Perhaps this will be the catalyst that inspires more Texas drivers to make the move to electric vehicles. Or at least, consider it as a more viable option.

KHOU11 reports that "in most other areas in the state, there will be charging stations within 70 miles, according to the plan. Each station is designed to have multiple stalls so there will likely be one available whenever someone stops to charge."

As far as the "technicals" of the charging stations, we know the stations would be "high-powered" and offer 150kW. That means most EV's could be charged from 10% to as high as 80% in only around thirty minutes--shorter than most lunch stops while traveling. Not bad.

We'll see how it progresses over these next weeks and months.

Would this make you more likely to purchase an electric vehicle? I think it would definitely influence me to consider it. Would love to hear your thoughts at

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