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A college professor turned to A.I. to help analyze papers written by a group of seniors. It turns out, the seniors also turned to A.I., well maybe.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the professor from Texas A&M Commerce emailed a group of students earlier this week telling them that they would be getting a score of "X" for the course. The professor, Dr. Jared Mumm, apparently told the students that he himself used ChatGPT to look at papers submitted by the group. So what did the A.I. do? According to the Chronicle, the A.I. tool claimed that all of the stories, were actually written by ChatGPT.

If that wasn't crazy enough, according to the Houston Chronicle, it turns out that ChatGPT may not actually be able to tell if the students cheated or not or if it truly had written the papers instead of the seniors.

Mumm told the students that he'd copied and pasted the students' three most recent essay assignments into ChatGPT and prompted it to detect if the AI software had generated them. The chatbot claimed it had authored every single essay Mumm analyzed.

But per Klee's reporting, ChatGPT doesn't know how to determine if a text was written by A.I. or even if it was the text's original author. ChatGPT will even claim it wrote sections of Crime and Punishment and other famous novels if prompted correctly, according to Klee.

Because of the doubt surrounding the entire ordeal, the university announced that none of the students would be flunked and their diplomas would not be held by the university.

In other words, no one really knows if anyone cheated and there may not be a way to tell if cheating happened. This is something though that schools and universities are going to have to deal with in the future. Students at all grade and education levels will quickly learn about A.I. and ChatGPT and try to use it.

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