Texans are typically proud of their state. There's a lot to love in the Lone Star State, including the food, according to a recent article by Thrilllist.com.

They asked the question, "If you could only eat in one state for the rest of your life, what state would it be?" That's an intriguing question. I've had incredible meals all over the world, but home is pretty great. In fact, Thrilllist.com only ranked one state above Texas.

Can you guess which one? We'll come back to that. Texas ranked second in large part due to its incredible barbecue community, and four different regions of it. Our Tex-Mex is also on point, and if you haven't had a Whataburger your life isn't complete as a Texan, transplanted or otherwise. It's just part of living here.

So, with all of this goodness who topped Texas? No, not New York, head west.

California ranked at the top of the list.



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