Wow! Those schools aren't kidding about all the thefts.

I know many parents who have their kids in the WFISD are currently upset with the school's bathroom policy. The WFISD said they had to change the policy due to so many kids stealing items to be a part of the viral 'Lick Challenge'. The challenge is to steal the biggest item you can from your school and it got so bad in the WFISD students can only go to the bathroom in between classes now.

How about other school districts in Texas? Well, the Killeen ISD said the challenge hit their district as well. 123 soap dispensers were stolen from their district alone. When I think of soap dispensers, I think of the things in the bathroom. I wonder if they also mean the hand sanitizer pumps as well? Those things are probably in every hallway due to Covid right now at schools.

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Killeen ISD says a student was also busted stealing a fire extinguisher. "We encourage students to choose to do something supportive of their school and community rather than deface school property," said Killeen ISD's Chief Communications and Marketing Officer Taina Maya. "We would all win if we could get random acts of kindness to be as popular on TikTok as the devious lick trend."

Friendly reminder, don't steal stuff from your school. Also, don't be dumb enough to post what you stole online. You're basically leaving a trail of breadcrumbs back to you to get in trouble.

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