OK. This is like my 20th story sharing the amazing gestures of people in Texas stepping up to help fellow Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey, but if these selfless deeds aren't worth sharing, I don't know what it is.

Earlier this month Facebook page Love What Matters - for inspiring and uplifting stories, it's a good page to follow - shared a beautiful story out of Sams Restaurant in Fairfield, Texas.

The server left a $100 tip for the customers at her table.

Yep. The tables were turned because Mary found out they were a family that just evacuated from their home due to Hurricane Harvey. After the meal, she handed them a piece of paper - they didn't realize there was $100 bill with a kind note inside until they were in the parking lot. So they went back to return the money. Here's what the server said:

Her reply was she had gone to the back and prayed on it and she refused to take the money back. She then offered us a table a chairs if we needed them.

Carlos Sepeda Jr, the man who initially posted his experience to the restaurant's Facebook, wanted to send a message to everyone:

My friends and family if you are in Fairfield make sure to stop by Sam's restaurant and see Mary, tip her well and show Texas gratitude! This is what Texas pride is made of!

It does go both ways though. There's another post on their page about another random act of kindness - this time from a customer. On behalf of Mary's moving gesture earlier, a man came in and gave $20 to all the servers because 'he was fortunate to still have his belongings after the hurricane'.

It appears Texas and Sam's Restaurant is filled with good-hearted folks. Keep it up, y'all.

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