This weekend you'll be saving some money by not paying taxes on certain back to school items!

School supplies, uniforms, shoes, backpacks and other back to school items add up quickly. Shopping for back to school items for your kids can require a small fortune especially when teachers and schools require certain brands of No. 2 pencils or dry erase markers and composition books. It seems as if the specific school supply list gets more and more specific each year!

Well, this weekend, August 10th - 12th, 2018, the State of Texas is helping you out by cutting us all a break on taxes on back to school items! Think of it this way, for every $100 you spend you'll be saving around $8 on the average.

The Texas Comptroller's Office has released a full list of items that are tax free this weekend when shopping for back to school items.

School supplies on the short list of tax exempt items are:

  • notebooks
  • crayons
  • pencils
  • pens
  • paper
  • rulers
  • index cards
  • lunch boxes
  • and much more

Other items on the short list of tax exempt items are:

  • backpacks (less than $100)
  • hats
  • shoes (but some styles or specialty shoes are not exempt)
  • gym clothes
  • diapers
  • pants
  • shirts
  • shorts
  • and much more

There is a longer list on the Texas Comptroller's site that you'll want to review because not everything on your back to school shopping list is exempt, like watches, purses, jewelry and other items.

Many tax free item guidelines also can be applied when shopping online, as long as they are ordered and delivered during the tax free time period.

Visit the Texas Comptroller's website for a complete list of items that will be and will not be tax free this coming weekend and for online shopping guidelines!

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