Next week, most of America around the country will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday.

While everybody is digging in on turkey, dressing and anything they can get their hands on, you can’t forget about the unsung hero, the variety of pies for dessert.

Just as there are many personalities around the dinner table on turkey day, I wondered what your favorite pie at Thanksgiving say about you, so I did some research...

According to Southern Living, Little Things and Hello Giggles, they gave a list of various pies with a personality to match.  So, out of curiosity I walked around the office asking co-workers their favorite pie at Thanksgiving and based off their answers let’s see if their personalities match.

Here goes nothing!

My Operations Manager John, Laura in Traffic, and Mary in Sales favorite pie is… CHOCOLATE

It’s safe to say they are chocoholics and for good reason!  Individuals who like this pie are described as people who keep to themselves, but they love spending time with loved ones.  Could have traits of being stubborn at times, but viewed as opinionated and confident.


When it comes to Bevelah in Sales and Don in Production their favorite pie is…


They are described as people who are very friendly and are joy when they walk into the room.  Could come off as reserved, but they are family oriented and once they crack a joke you will be laughing for weeks.

Ok, this is getting scary..

Mandy from Mix 93.1/KNUE and our DME Kris' favorite pie is…


Three words:  Gentle, Caring, And Reliable!  They carry an old soul, but don’t let their gentleness fool you because they have no problem speaking their mind and those are the qualities both possess.

Michael from Classic Rock 96.1/KNUE, Chris in IT, Kenny from Classic Rock 96.1 and our receptionist ‘Downtown’ Julie Brown’s favorite pie is…


This description fits these individuals perfectly!  They find ways to make you smile and will help you put a positive spin on the way you look at things.  Also, they are great in decorating or setting up home décor. Don’t forget the whipped cream.

Lucky Larry from Mix 93.1 favorite pie is…


The 'Captain America' of pies!  Crowdpleaser and family oriented, you celebrate being thankful and relive traditions.  You are well liked and some to keep the party going.  Also, Larry wanted to give an honorable mention to Pi 3.14 π

As for myself when it comes to my favorite pie it’s a no brainer, but also cool because it is also the favorite pie of my co-worker Shawna in sales which is…


You can guarantee in every African American household you will find a sweet potato pie.  What makes this my favorite is because when all those ingredients come together they provide a taste of warmth and memories of my grandmother’s love.  The sweet potato pie brings a welcoming vibe into the room and whether at a social event or with family people are glad to see you.

There were many other personalities that deserve an honorable mention, but regardless of what your favorite pie I am thankful for the many personalities in this building.

There is NEVER a dull moment!

Happy Thanksgiving.

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