Growing up, I fondly remember being introduced to Precious Moments because my grandma always had those figurines in her home. 

I never knew why she had so many of them, but they were cute to look at and I always wanted them to keep in my room but my grandma was smart in not letting me touch them because I would've broken them and apparently now they’re worth thousands!

According to Gene Freedman, one of the masterminds behind the original launch, what started as a humble gift line has skyrocketed into a full-blown collector's dream that could be worth thousands for some.

Introduced in 1979 as the "Original 21" collection, only one set is still available on the market, and the nostalgia factor alone makes them priceless.

The complete Original 21 collection is like the holy grail of Precious Moments. With names like "Unto Us, A Child Is Born" and "Love One Another," these pieces are not just collectibles; they're pieces of history. 

According to experts, age is a major factor in determining value, with some fetching prices as high as $800 on resale sites like eBay! 

But it's not just about age; it's about rarity too. Limited edition? Rare label? Cha-ching! These figurines can fetch thousands, especially when sold as part of a larger collection. Some of these figurines can even be worth upwards of $15,000!

So what does this mean? I’M GOING INTO MY GRANDMA’S STORAGE TO FIND THOSE PRECIOUS MOMENTS FIGURINES!! Jk. I think I’ll let those memories be just that, a memory.

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Gallery Credit: Angela Underwood

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