You Already Know That Texas Is Like A "Whole Nother Country" With Its Own Stores You'll Only Find In the Lone Star State But Some Of Those Stores Won't Make This List.

When I first came across this list of the largest department stores in Texas, I thought for sure that at least a couple of familiar stores frequented by Texans would show up like HEB or maybe even Buc-ee's had a shot.

Nope, HEB Did Not Make The Top 10.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Just like you, I assumed that HEB, a beloved Texas icon, would be on this list but NOPE. Considering that they are just now starting to move into North Texas, and the fact they maybe classified as more "grocery" than "department" store may explain why they aren't on this list.

This List Is Based On The Number Of Locations They Have In Texas.

Getty Images/Hemera
Getty Images/Hemera

Let's dive into it based on information provided by ScrapeHero, these are the stores in Texas with the MOST locations.

The 10 Largest Department Stores In Texas

This is based on number of locations in Texas and #1 may surprise you!

Gallery Credit: Google Maps/Getty Images

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