It’s common sense that everyone in Texas and across the country wants to be happy and enjoy each day, obviously things happen throughout our day that can stress us out or make us unhappy. Hopefully those things don’t pop up too often, but they are a part of life, and we have to navigate those situations, so they don’t make us miserable all the time. Recently there was an article released talking about the cities that will make you miserable and I was a little shocked to see that one place in Texas made the list. 

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Let me start by saying I truly love living in the state of Texas. It can be anything you want it to be from the exciting streets of Dallas to the quieter backroads surrounded by pine trees. At the same time, I also think that being miserable is also partially decided by choice. It’s because if you are feeling miserable you need to make changes in your life to not feel that way anymore. And sometimes that involves moving where you live to get out of a tough situation you have created for yourself. Just make sure you’re not continuing to live in misery.  

How Did Cities Make the Most Miserable List? 

Some of the factors to decide the most miserable cities in the country included looking at crime rates, unemployment rates, and drug use. Things that no city wants to be known for.  

Let’s Look at the Most Miserable Cities List 

According to Frugal Rules, here is a look at the most miserable cities in the country including one here in Texas. 

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Here is a look at 11 of the most miserable cities in the country including one here in Texas.

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