The annual trip to Walt Disney World in Florida with a group of very special children has been postponed.

It was one of the most difficult decisions that the Kidd Kraddick Foundation has ever had to make, postponing the annual Kidd's Kids trip to Walt Disney World. The announcement was made by the Kidd's Kids Chief Happiness Officer, Caroline Kraddick.

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The world has changed so much thanks to the coronavirus and the decision was made to postpone the trip because of the nature of the trip and the children that go on the trip could potentially be exposed to the virus, which could do some harm to the Kidd's Kids and their families. Here's J-Si and Kellie with Caroline's message to the potential Kidd's Kids and their families.

Mix 93-1 has been very fortunate to have had kids from right here in East Texas be selected to go on the trip each year for the past decade and half. You can meet some previous special East Texas children that have been selected as Kidd's Kids and now belong to a special group by clicking this Kidd's Kids link.

Each year The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show sets aside one day to raise money to help make this trip possible and we call it Kidd's Kids Day. This day of fund raising is still on for this year and is going to be held October 21st.

After reading this, if you're still not familiar with Kidd's Kids, it's a trip that takes kids that have a life altering or life threatening condition on an all expense paid trip to Walt Disney World with the child's immediate family. The trip happens the week before Thanksgiving and a lot of special memories are created while on this trip that will last a lifetime for these special children and their families.  These kids and families are accompanied by a team of doctors, nurses and care givers who volunteer their time for this trip because, unfortunately, these kids illnesses and conditions don't stop while on the trip.

The trip is 100% paid for by the generosity of KiddNation, the listeners of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

The deadline to nominate a child for this special trip has now been extended to September 4th.

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