Pizza - a go to food among East Texans! When it comes to this convenience food, East Texans have a wide variety of styles and options to choose from - Chicago style, delivery, take and bake, buffet and more.  With all of them in consideration, which pizza joint reigns supreme?  (See what I did there?  Supreme!  As in toppings on a pizza, ahh, you get it!)

After asking East Texans to give us their opinion on which joint has the best pizza in all of East Texas, it appears you can find it in White Oak and Longview!

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    Roast Social Kitchen

    1125 E. Fifth St.

    See why Roast Social Kitchen made it in our top 5 pizza joints!

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    Pizza King

    1100 E. Marshall Ave.

    Here's the reason why Pizza King ranks #4 among the best pizza joints in East Texas!

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    Pietro's Pizza

    2418 Gilmer Rd.

    Pietro's has been serving up slice after slice from this menu since 1979!

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    Moe's Pizza

    109 W. Old Hwy. 80
    White Oak


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    Don Giovanni's

    311 S. White Oak Rd.
    White Oak

    Take a look at the menu and see why Don Giovanni's has been voted #1 in East Texas!