Pizza. It's a weakness of mine. Just like queso, I can't pass up a great pizza, especially one loaded down with pepperoni and bacon!

Pizza has the five essential food groups, right?! Grain in the crust, dairy in the cheese, meat in the form of pepperoni, bacon and more, fruit (some like pineapple on their pizza, I can do without it) and vegetables - peppers and onions. See, all five covered! Pizza is a healthy alternative (I say that with absolutely no nutrition education or certification!) There are so many ways you can create your own pizza from the dough, to the sauce, to the toppings, to the cheese and when it's placed on the dough! Above the toppings or below them. See too many options to name here!

It seems like we've had a rash of pizza joints open up across East Texas here lately! I'm not complaining about this one bit, I'm actually enjoying it. The more pizza options there are the better life is. Tyler is set to get another pizza place opening this spring on S. Broadway, Pie Five Pizza Co. I'm not sure how this happened but I somehow missed National Pizza Day last week (February 9th). Guess there's next year! Right?!

With all of this talk of pizza, I'd like to know where do you like to go for your favorite pizza?

While we're at it, what kind of crust do you prefer with your pizza?

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