The concert we've been equally awaiting and dreading is almost here. Saturday is George Strait's final concert of his career and on 'The Cowboy Rides Away Tour.'

It's surreal, isn't it? For more than three decades country music fans have regarded Strait as The King of Country Music, only to have those 30-plus years pass in an instant, and now here we are, on the verge of the final concert of his career.

Nearly 100,000 people are expected to take over AT&T Stadium in Arlington for Strait's last show. He was the first event in what was then Cowboys Stadium, and now he'll grace the stage one last time in the largest domed structure in the world.

It just fits.

Strait has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, and his last No. 1 hit "Give It All We Got Tonight," was the 60th of his legendary career and the most in music history.

On Saturday, Strait will be joined by at least 10 other country stars and bands, including Asleep at the Wheel, Jason Aldean, Martina McBride, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Vince Gill, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, Miranda Lambert and Sheryl Crow.

With that many artists on the bill and owning five dozen No. 1 hits, how can you even begin to pick a set list?

I know I wouldn't want that job, and I can only imagine the process Strait and his folks are going through to pick the perfect group of songs to play Saturday night.

But we picked five songs we're pretty sure The King will play, and these are five that we're looking forward to hearing the most.

  • 1


    The title track off his 2008 album, 'Troubadour' is a classic example of The King's music. But amazingly enough, 'Troubadour' (my favorite George Strait song) was never a No. 1 hit.

  • 2

    'Give It Away'

    Billboard magazine called 'Give It Away' "a leavin' song that would've worked in any decade," which only describes Strait's timelessness as an artist. It was his 41st No. 1 hit, and it's one of the best Strait songs to sing along to.

  • 3

    'Here for a Good Time'

    Another one of my favorites of Strait's that wasn't a No. 1 hit (it reached No. 2 on the country charts), 'Here for a Good Time' is such a great anthem for country music fans.

  • 4

    'The Chair'

    A product by country songwriting legends Dean Dillon and Hank Cochran, 'The Chair' is easily one of the greatest country songs of all-time. The song was written in 20 minutes during a late-night songwriting binge between the two, and you can only wonder what kind of divine appointment was there to see this song created in 20 minutes.

  • 5

    'The Cowboy Rides Away'

    I don't think any of us can really say we're "looking forward" to hearing this one. 'The Cowboy Rides Away' will undoubtedly be the last song The King plays live, and I can only wonder what the scene will be like Saturday night.

    He closes out almost every show with 'The Cowboy Rides Away,' but it's going to be so very different this time. Bittersweet, it will definitely be.

    And crazily enough, the last song George Strait will ever play at a public concert didn't reach No. 1 status, either. But that's just fine with us.