Without a doubt there is a great passion for our East Texas high school marching bands! We posted a simple poll asking which East Texas high school has the best marching band and the response was overwhelming! In the preliminary round two weeks ago we were just 12 votes short of 27,000 votes! When the top 10 bands were announced the response in voting just grew between those ten schools. With 14,394 votes cast in the final round of voting of the top ten schools, the Bullard Panthers marching band has been voted as being the best in East Texas!

Every single high school marching band in East Texas should feel very proud of their performance, because every school we listed received votes along with quite a few of write ins too! East Texas has a ton of talent when it comes to marching bands. These band members put in quite a bit of time rehearsing for the big performance during half time every Friday night underneath the lights!

Congratulations to all of our schools and good luck when it comes to U.I.L. competition too!

We found the following videos of the Bullard Panthers performing during half time over the past few weeks!

Here are the official results from the Top 10 poll:


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