This is the Cake of Cakes. The Game of Cakes. The King Cake (if I may).

Yesterday a very lucky groom posted a photo of his Groom's Cake on Reddit. User bigbass1170 posted:

Had the best day of my life yesterday, with a little help from Whataburger.

A few Reddit-ers commented, asking what the occasion was. He was getting married and this is the Groom's cake for the wedding. In case you don't know, apparently there is a Groom's and Bride's cake at the wedding. I believe most people are familiar with the Bride's as it's much, much bigger. Blue Bell has both flavors and we taste tested them.

Anyway, if you ignore all the haters commenting on this Reddit thread, you'd find out that the bride and groom spent a lot of their time at a particular Whataburger when they met in college. It was 'their' spot, if you will.

I think that's sweet, except he didn't mention his wife in his Reddit post until someone asked!

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