Damn you 2020! Thanks to COVID-19, earlier this year, we had a toilet paper shortage. Follow that up with a shortage of frozen pizzas. And now, a shortage of Dr. Pepper. 2020 just keeps getting worse.

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So, yeah, I've noticed this when I've been at the grocery store. Not necessarily a short supply but the shelves haven't been as full of Dr. Pepper as usual. This is not a good moment for drinkers of Texas' favorite drink. Dr. Pepper did confirm the shortage through Twitter:

Having trouble finding your favorite Dr. Pepper product? We're doing everything we can to get it back into your hands. That means working with distribution partners to keep shelves stocked nationwide, while ensuring the safety of our employees.


We appreciate your patience, and encourage you to contact your local retailer directly for the most up-to-date availability of Dr. Pepper products.

A lot of the shortage is due to keeping employees safe during this whole pandemic thing. The shortage also applies to their other flavors as well. So it may be harder to find A&W Root Beer, 7Up, Sunkist and others.

Some good natured humor did come of this news as Charmin chimed in with a light hearted response to Dr. Pepper's situation:

Welcome to the club. We feel your pain.

Don't make the pain even worse by running to stores and panic buying Dr. Pepper.

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