A Dangerous Game Is Being Played By One Or Maybe A Group Of Idiots That Has Law Enforcement Officials In Texas And Other States On High Alert.

Prank calls are one thing, but calling in bomb threats is a serious and dangerous matter that folks don't find funny nor joke about especially in these days and times.

Recently, Texas and several other states has faced a surge in bomb threats, especially at a chain of grocery stores, prompting heightened security measures across the state and federal law enforcement getting involved.

Local law enforcement agencies have reported several bomb threats made against Brookshire’s stores.


In the span of a week, 3 bomb threats have been reported in East Texas, including the most recent one on Monday (June 24) at the Brookshire's location in Bullard. Bullard PD said they conducted a search of the store and found no devices. Managers who had closed down the store as a precaution, then decided to reopen the store to the public.

Two Tyler Brookshire’s locations on East Fifth Street and Rice Road were evacuated Friday due bomb threats according to the Tyler Police Department but those locations were searched and cleared to reopen after a few hours.

The bomb threats made in East Texas are accompanied by several threats made across Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Tyler and Bullard locations weren't the only ones affected as Brookshire's locations all across the region also received threats this all this past weekend:

  • 3 in Bossier City, LA
  • 1 In Corsicana,
  • 1 In Arkadelphia, AR
  • 1 in Clifton, TX

Law Enforcement in those communities and the FBI Dallas Field Office is now investigating the threats against the Brookshire's chain and we'll keep you updated with details as soon as we know more.

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